Caitlin Preece


Inkjet on Canvas


43.7 x 4.6 x 53.8cm





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‘Contour’ Framed, digitally printed canvas.

Caitlin had always been drawn to light, shadow, form and texture. All four of these qualities have been captured here in this work. The use of a mirror came into play as a means of experimentation, however the reflected form creates another dimension to the work, revealing the contours of the organic form from another angle, otherwise unseen. The work also alludes to similarity between organic and human form.

Caitlin (Cait) is an analogue photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her practice focuses purely on the analogue photography format, or ‘slow photography’. Perception, thought and feeling are the main drivers in the creation of her work. To achieve vulnerability she captures light, shadow, reflection, transparency and depth within her photographs. Cait captures the beauty within her surroundings, achieving photographs that express intimacy, mystery and harmony within subject matter, material and composition. In and outside the studio she has a strong interest in the effects of light, particularly in the way it interacts with people, places or objects.

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