Lettino 8 Euro


Bri Hammond


Archival pigment print on cotton fibre rag.


70 x 46.7 cm




5 + 2 AP

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‘Lettino 8 Euro’ – Photographic archival pigment print on cotton fibre rag by Bri Hammond with framed or print only optional. Lettino 8 Euro is limited to an edition of five prints plus two artist proofs.

Nuoto da sola (I swim alone) is a collection of photos from the seaside city of Rimini, Italy. Along 15 kilometres of sand, umbrellas and beach lounges are numbered and sectioned by colour. Late in the day, they lie abandoned as the air cools and the sun sinks to the horizon.

Single for the first time in my adult life, travelling solo was my final test to prove my own autonomy. Whilst I often felt awkward drinking, eating or sightseeing by myself, I always found solace in swimming in the ocean alone.

Bri Hammond is a photographer living on Kaurna country (Adelaide, South Australia). Her work displays authentic emotion and odd moments, usually expressed with poppy colours and graphic compositions. She loves championing the peculiarities of life and highlighting the idiosyncrasies of people and places. Originally a graphic designer, she began her career with a year-long residency at Fabrica, Benetton’s Creative Research Centre in Treviso, Italy. Bri now creates images for a wide range of commercial clients and publications across Australia with a unique visual approach. Bri has completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Design) at UniSA, and a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT.

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