Quandong Throw


Emmaline Zanelli


Inkjet print on semi-gloss paper


841 x 594




10 + 2 Artist Proofs

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Quandong Throw By Emmaline Zanelli, 2020

Emmaline Zanelli is an accomplished artist who specialises in still-life photography, often using her dexterity to produce carefully assembled images, with frequent references to memory, labor, and the body/machine relationship. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and she has been featured in prestigious publications such as the British Journal of Photography. Additionally, she has been awarded The Churchie Emerging Art Prize (Dynamic Drills, 2022). With a strong educational background, including a Bachelor of Visual Art (SA, 2015) and a Master of Arts in Photography (PSC, Melb, 2021), Emmaline’s ability to execute a trademark style continues to make her a favorite not only in the contemporary art world but also for commercial applications. We’re humbled to have Emmaline’s work available at SODA Objects and can be found in store and online.

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