Roger McKnight Furniture Set

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An incredibly rare furniture set by a largely unknown and rarely spoken about, Roger McKnight. Reminiscent of brutalist and wabi sabi design seen around the 1950’s and onwards withs airs of Frank Lloyd Wright. The set consists of eight pieces, all hand made in South Australia by Roger after he had returned from WWII and settled on a dairy farm on the South coast of SA.  All pieces are solid timber with a worked and sealed charred surface (also known as Yaki Sugi and Shou Sugi Ban). The upholstered chairs have an internal sling held by rope, with shearling wool on the face and hair-on hide on the rear. Within the set is a pair of armchairs, short & long bench, coffee table, large and small block side tables and a pew. All pieces are stamped.

Condition: Very good for age, one small filled section the size of a thumb nail on rear of a chair. Some minor marking from age and use.

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